Portable Fans Review

Heat can be good: think lounging on the beach or an outdoor adventure. The heat can also present problems for you, like the added cost of air conditioning and trying to make sure a particularly intense heat wave does not totally rob you of your energy. Portable fans are an affordable and practical solution when the heat gets to be too much.

No one portable fan looks the same as another. There are different speed options, different ways to build the blades into the fan, and different designs that reflect the changing technology used to cool you off. Finding one that will keep you feeling refreshed is easy, but finding a portable fan with the look, features, and portability suited to your needs is more challenging, given the array of options laid out before you.

We’ve gathered some options to help you find a portable fan that will fit your needs perfectly. If you want a stylish fan that will make you the envy of your office, read on. If you need a fan that will provide a steady stream of cool air to you without disturbing anyone sitting nearby, we have found some great choices there too.

Portable Fans: What to Look For

All portable fans have the same objective: providing you with cooler air. There are several mechanical ways to go about that, and companies like Vornado and Lasko have designed portable fans that have different looks and different power capabilities. Looking at the sizes and features of each one will help you make the best decision.

Below are some of the key elements to keep in mind when selecting your portable fan.

Features have become more advanced with portable fans over time. Modern mini fans provide high power but still contain the airflow within a small space. While it’s common for a fan’s head to be moveable, some models allow you to adjust the feet, blades, and speed. A personal fan that can be moved, put together and adjusted without difficulty will be especially easy to use on a regular basis. You can even find attached gadgets, like directional louvers and speed remotes, if you want to upgrade from a simpler model.

Portable fans are generally made to stand upright, and some have no visible blades. Some are made to look modern, and some pay tribute to designs from the past. Vertically-designed fans are also being made by companies like Lasko. Any choice can complement a space, so if having an eye-catching design matters to you, there are plenty of options to choose from. Whatever your tastes, you’ll be able to find a portable fan with a design you’ll swoon over.

Portable fans are all movable in one way or another. Generally they’re light enough to carry, but certain add-ons like handles can make transportation easier and more convenient. And some, like the vertically-designed models, do not require handles because they are so small and lightweight that they can fit into a handbag. Battery-run fans are another option, and cords up to six feet in length give your fan more freedom of movement. Make sure the fan you choose has the movability you desire. You might not even plan to move it much at all, but it doesn’t hurt to keep portability in mind.

Plastic is no longer the go-to material with which portable fans are manufactured. Some fans use stronger steels and sleek lacquered wood for the outer bodies of the fans, and stronger, harder plastics are still used as well. Some require more maintenance than others, and need to be dusted or wiped clean so they do not get damaged. Know what your portable fan will have to withstand, and you can make an educated choice about which one to buy.

Sometimes getting extra help cooling off is a necessity, especially if you live in hot climates or don’t have control over your office thermostat. Portable fans are an efficient alternative to relying solely upon air conditioning, and you will not regret controlling the temperature rather than letting it control you.

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